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Medical marijuana in Canada is very popular.  Whether its grown indoors with professional equipment or planted naturally outside in the wild, the cannabis coming from Canada is the good stuff.  The beautiful weather and scenery make BC a perfect spot for cannabis production.  Some of the worlds most experienced medical marijuana growers are on the west coast using there skills to grow the highest quality cannabis available.

The rise in niche market craft growers has created a huge variety of quality cannabis.  New strains are being created all the time as breeders combine different genetics to try and bring to life the ultimate cannabis strain.  Taking the best qualities from each marijuana type is difficult.  You want the terpenes and high THC without the weakness to mites and sensitivity to heat.  Breeding marijuana is an evolving process that constantly pushes the boundary of what this plant can do.  Every generation brings about a new combination of genetics that also create a wider range of cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant.

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